TSplus Remote Support Starter 1 Year Subscription

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TSplus Remote Support Starter 1 Year Subscription

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The ideal cloud-based software for providing attended/unattended assistance to remote clients.

Up to 1 Concurrent connection
The number of remote support sessions (connections between controller and controlled) that can be set up at the same time.

Unlimited Licensed users
The users in a company who are assigned to a specific license (e.g. a Corporate license) and can use this license to control remote computers.

Unlimited Unattended managed devices
The number of registered remote devices that can be controlled in unattended mode.

Unlimited Devices to connect to
The number of remote devices that can be controlled.

Access & control computers remotely
Support agents can take control of the screen, mouse, and keyboard of remote computers. The end-user can allow the agent to take control in one mouse click.

Secure unattended access
Securely control a remote computer without the user being present in front of it.

Chat box
Both the support agent and the end-user have a tailored chat box allowing them to talk with each other.

File transfer
Both the agent and the end-user can upload and share files with each other.

Remote command prompt
Support agents can execute keyboard commands such as ctrl+alt+del or start the Task Manager on remote computers.

Multi-monitor support
Support agents have access to all displays on a remote computer using a multi-monitor configuration.

Clipboard synchronization
Support agents can use the clipboard functionality to copy-paste between their device and the remote computer. This feature can be enable/disabled by the support agent.

Remote computer informations
Agents can view OS, hardware and user account data from the remote computer.

Wake and access remote computers on low power mode without any human interaction with the Wake-on-LAN (WoL) feature.

Fast video streaming
Videos runs smoothly, even in High Definition.

Dynamic screen resolution
Automatically adapts to any screen size.

Session recording
Record a session and save it as a video file.

Easy screenshots
Take a screenshot during a session in one click.

Block user inputs
Block user inputs to avoid any conflicts. The user can regain control with a simple shortcut if necessary.

Compatible with UAC
UAC (User Account Control) windows are fully supported.

Custom branding
Customize the support agent profile, the banner and the logo of your support environment for ideal end-user and support agent experiences.

Access and export the history of all past sessions.

Automatic updates
Updates are automatic and silent, no action required on your side.

Online support
Our worldwide support team is here to help you whenever you need.

The support agent can easily change the language of the remote support interface.

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